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Black Sensual Theology (5 Effective Changes for Black Theology)

Black liberation theology is facing a serious problem in our time, and that problem is relevance. I’m sure we can all agree that the black theology of liberation was very necessary in its time and that the fathers and mothers of black theology are worthy of the highest honour. At the same time, with large numbers of black people turning now to spiritualism, non-denominationalism, or to the black consciousness movement, black theology, and particularly black liberation theology seems to be a little dated.

However, it is my aim with Black Sensual Theology to revive this dying movement. I intend to do this by showing the superiority of Black Sensual Theology to each of these three alternatives respectively. And that’s not all, I also hope to provide spiritual proofs justifying each argument I present throughout.

One of the main problems certain black pastors and ministers had with the black theology of liberation was its lack of scriptural depth. Well, I have been a Biblical scholar for 20 years now, reading and examining the Bible to see if my own radical views can be justified within its pages.

As I have gotten older I have gotten more radical so I constantly do a Biblical tune-up just to check and see that I haven’t strayed too far off the mark. I am currently a member of the godbody movement and have an affinity to their teachings but I still try to remain as doctrinally close to the Bible, despite my godbody philosophy, as possible.

Following I shall be presenting a case for the age of iGod, a time when we no longer see God as external but as internal. Throughout Christian history the Church has viewed God and the Messiah as external but in the times we are transitioning into people are beginning to see God as internal in both self and kind.

The culture of iGod is a culture that began with the Asiatics but evolved into a black American culture. Indeed, to a large number of us black people the culture of the universe is iGod. So WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Because the black people of the ghetto have discovered a path to divinity using the Bible and the words of the Messiah that the black community as a whole would do well to learn.

To Become Spiritual without Becoming Delusional …

Many black people are looking for a way to be more spiritual. Indeed, spirituality is extremely important to a large number of black people. Yet there is also a fear that if they become too spiritual they will be of no use to ordinary people or in this ordinary world. There is also an even bigger fear among many of those seeking to be spiritual that it is a fast way to disconnect from their people and their community.

It is for this cause that most of those black people who seek to be spiritual have forsaken black theology to turn to Afrocentricity. Many have even gone a step further and turned to Afrosensuality, which is the sister of Afrocentricity but with more romance, beauty, charm and holism.

Yet there have been a lot of misconceptions on what Afrosensuality entails. Some believe it is simply about going herbal or Ital. Some believe Afrosensuality is about reclaiming the ancient African gods and goddesses, particularly those of ancient Egypt. Some believe the best way to be Afrosensual is to honour the temple of the body with oils and lotions and to practice the light exhibitionism of no longer wearing underwear.

These are all good and helpful aspects of Afrosensuality but the real clue to Afrosensuality is in the resurrecting of the black soul. It is about denying the Western, Eurocentric definitions of morality, beauty, and civilisation and adopting a black aesthetic of what is moral, beautiful, and civilised.

Afrosensuality is also, more than anything, about reclaiming our own divinity as black people apart from the Bible. Obviously, the Bible is an important, honoured and blessed book that should not be denied, but many black people who strive for spiritual excellence are afraid to read the Bible for fear that they be exposed and proven a bankrupt.

The simple truth is, we are a divine people and as we begin to appreciate that divinity the more we will walk in that divinity. So what of the Bible? The Bible was written to be a guide. To what? To divinity, which is our destiny as black people. Any Afrosensual movement that doesn’t recognise or appreciate the truth of BLACK DIVINITY is only partially spiritual.

Another big problem among those black people seeking to be spiritual is that they don’t have the time to read the Bible so they simply reject its message outright. It is easy enough to reclaim the ancestral gods and goddesses and reject the Biblical God but to reach true spiritual excellence you must come to the great revelation: the Biblical God was a black God (Revelations 4: 2, 3).

On top of that we black people are his manifestation, his temple, and his embodiment. The Bible is therefore useful to black spirituality and Afrosensuality, and it is here that the Black Sensual Theology proves very strong. It does not reject the Bible for the sake of black liberation, it uses the Bible for the sake of black liberation and to guide black people towards BLACK DIVINITY.

If You Are Uncertain about Your Place in God’s Plan You Need to Learn This …

Many black people are scared of death or worse scared of hell, especially the Christians and Christian influenced. They may say that Jesus has freed them from the fear of hell, but their relationship with Jesus is more so proof of their fear. They fear hell so much that they worship a white version of their redeemer, who is described in the Bible as having feet of fine brass (Revelations 1: 15).

They fear hell so much that they say it doesn’t matter what colour God or the Messiah were described as in the Bible as they loved everybody; when even the Messiah himself said, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 15: 24). They fear hell so much that they turn Israel into the Ashkenazis and say they are the only true Jews.

Yet even the Ashkenazis say there are two types of Jew, some enlightened ones even say three: the Ashkenazis, of Eastern Europe; the Sephardis, of the Middle East and North Africa, though some migrated into Spain and Portugal; and the African Jews, those of southern Africa called the Lemba, those of eastern Africa called the Falasha, and those of western Africa becoming numerous tribes including the Ebos, the Yoruba, the Asante, the Fulani, and most of the tribes of Senegal, Mauritania and Mali.

The fear of hell in these black people causes them to shun what they were told is worldliness in order to avoid hell. But those who taught them about heaven and hell are not the gatekeepers of heaven or hell so how would they know what causes one to go to either.

They also taught black people how to interpret the Bible in a way that is contrary to how it should be interpreted. For example, the Bible uses three words for hell: Sheol, Hades and Gehenna. Sheol and Hades are the Hebrew and Greek equivalents of each other and basically mean underworld.

Gehenna, on the other hand, was the word most used by the Messiah and was basically a transliteration of the Hebrew words Gey Ben-Hinnom, where Jeremiah prophesied that the children of Israel would be slaughtered (Jeremiah 7: 31, 32; 19: 2-6).

The fire metaphor comes from Revelations and the lake of fire, but the lake of fire metaphor actually comes from ancient Egypt where for thousands of years, long before John was even born, they spoke of the lake of fire in the underworld, where people were baptised and washed away their sins. Effectively, there is no reason to fear the lake of fire as it is a cleansing fire.

But what about those black people who are already comfortable with their divinity and want to help others acknowledge their divinity without losing their own divinity? The simple truth… you can never lose your divinity. A bonus truth… it is so easy to reveal to people the truth of iGod, especially in our time.

In our time more people are willing to accept the idea that God is internal than at any other time – I speak mainly of the Westernised world. The culture of iGod has always been in the Asiatic world. In fact, iGod and the Asiatics have a profound history together that can be traced back to both ancient Egypt and ancient Kush as they spread their civilisations to the East.

Both Egypt and Kush contained sensual people, making their Afrosensual practices far more nuanced. They both practiced a kind of BLACK ROMANTICISM in which aesthetic and symbolic realities were highly valued. The definition of iGod is found in these Afrosensual people, whose romanticism freed them from the fear of any hell or insignificance.

Though in a technical sense the culture of iGod can actually be traced back even further than Egypt and Kush, going into the land of what was then tropical Arabia, and the Asiatic black people who existed at that time, long before Islam. Indeed, Islam and iGod merged philosophies in Sufism, but iGod meets its fullest manifestation in the descendants of Caribbean and American slavery.

Wish To Live an Ecstatic Lifestyle without Losing Your Soul …

Many black Christians have turned to the non-denominational path as opposed to black liberation theology believing that race, culture, and belief doesn’t matter so long as you have Jesus, albeit a white Jesus.

However, non-denominationalism puts a burden on them of avoiding sin that leaves them feeling guilty over any form of lust or violence (whether in thoughts, words or actions). Sin has become such a burden to some of these Christians that they feel spiritually oppressed by the presence of sin. Black liberation theology is in this instance found heavily wanting. Indeed, the simple truth is, a black theology of liberation is of no good to the tortured soul.

This is where Black Sensual Theology is excessively helpful. Black Sensual Theology encourages a BLACK EROTICA for the sake of relieving the oppressed soul. But one might now ask: How can eroticism make one feel better about the state of their soul?

The answer is, the avoidance of sin just makes sin look more tantalising, thereby oppressing the soul even more than it already is. Though you indulge your lusts you must respect that your divinity is not lost as you were predestined to divinity and righteousness before you were even born.

Indeed, you can open the door to an ecstatic lifestyle filled with pleasure and deliciousness. But you must try to avoid pleasure for pleasure’s sake. BLACK EROTICA is not pleasure for pleasure’s sake. It is a conscious pleasure. Pleasure with awareness and gratefulness. By this gratefulness you free yourself from guilt as you appreciate that this good experience came from God.

On the other hand, some Christians, in their drive to avoid sin, become obsessively goody-two-shoes and oppress their souls that way. They take a beating and say: I will be rewarded in heaven-future. So they wait for heaven-future and heaven-future never comes. Heaven is the kingdom of God on earth and the ultimate future is the Second Coming.

Both are already here but they don’t recognise them because they’re so busy taking a beating. You can quickly get passed this sort of syndrome if you’re experiencing it now through accepting two simple truths:

  • That the Second Coming is in every brother or sister who manifests Christ within them.
  • That seductionism is a river of life to those who drink from it and BLACK EROTICA is the paradise in which this river flows.

Black Sensual Theology teaches that BLACK EROTICA is a necessary form of catharsis that can release you from sin and the fear of sin. Sin, hell and worldliness are interpretations given to us from preachers who did not have our best interests in mind. To be free from them you have to appreciate that the Messiah of the Bible did not come to add laws but to free us from the law.

Feel Powerless in Life and in the World? This Principle Will Help …

Large sections of the black community, particularly the black male community, have been turning to the black consciousness movement against turning to black liberation theology as the legacy of black consciousness has been empowerment and strength, where white supremacy has left many of us feeling disempowered and angry.

Many of those who subscribe to the black consciousness philosophy become militant and express their militancy boldly. However, this usually means their less militant friends either fear them or feel uncomfortable around them. They may also experience a lot of hatred outside their circle of friends from those who don’t understand how important race is to them.

The impact of the black consciousness philosophy and black consciousness movement is that it reaches into the soul of large portions of black people and wakes them out of the sleep of “Love everyone always.” Yet this sleep affects a far larger number of people, even blacks.

For this cause most of those who join the black consciousness movement think the world is asleep and wish to wake them all up. Obviously, this is a lot harder than it looks, and it still looks pretty damn hard. The father of black theology, James Cone, connected black theology and black power back in the 1970s for these types of militant and woke black people.

Nevertheless, most of these people either abandoned black theology to join the even more militant black consciousness movement, or they became more moderate with age and became a non-denominational Christian (i.e. they went back to sleep).

Black liberation theology basically has no plan of what to do with black militants when it gets them so it leaves them partially satisfied. This is where Black Sensual Theology fills in the gaps with BLACK DEVIANCE. It satisfies their desire to stay woke and practice defiant measures.

So what is BLACK DEVIANCE? It is a means of black empowerment espoused by Black Sensual Theology that, first of all, agrees with the Nation of Islam theology that white people are the devil, but it argues that that devilishment is not in their flesh. It is their mind that makes them devils, not their biology.

Their mind is filled with trick knowledge that has corrupted them into believing in white superiority and white privilege. BLACK DEVIANCE also encourages rebellion against the white system in mass actions like strikes and the forming of rival parliaments in the ghetto. It even goes so far as encouraging illegalism and the breaking of what we believe to be unjust laws.

Obviously, both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela were willing to break what they considered unjust laws and suffer the consequences for it. If you are a militant having trouble convincing your Christian friends of the devilishment of the white system, if you were to suffer willingly for breaking what you believe to be unjust laws they will no doubt come around.

How militant are you? Are you willing to suffer for your cause? If you are you are a black deviant.

Fear the Black DRED

If you haven’t figured it out Black D.R.E.D. is an acronym for these four aspects of Black Sensual Theology that will make it very effective in this coming age of iGod: Black divinity, black romanticism, black erotica, and black deviance.

For a more in-depth look at Black Sensual Theology and what I call the Godbody Black Theocracy please feel free to purchase Black Divinity: Manifesto of the Black Theocracy Third Edition. If you like it, also feel free to leave a positive review on Amazon and even if you don’t like it I would still appreciate your feedback.

So, why fear the Black D.R.E.D.? Because the Black D.R.E.D. is an enraptured and divine black person who has not only achieved actualisation, but has transcended dichotomies like good and evil to dwell at the level of peace. They are the future of black humanity and will open up new worlds to us, all we need to do follow them.

Shahidi Islam – Scholar, Author and Activist

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