You Too Can Be an Expert in Spirituality

Black Divinity 4

If you are looking for spiritual freedom we can help you experience the pleasures of life without sacrificing your spirituality. Just follow the Black Divinity Process:

Step 1: Order a copy of the book Black Divinity from Amazon

Step 2: Read the book and unlock the secrets to spiritual fulfilment in our time

Step 3: Free your mind from the various dogmas that have held you back

Step 4: Be a guiding light to those friends and family members that also seek spiritual freedom

Don’t let the best years of your life be wasted trying to be religious, when you can live as your own divinity without the need to sacrifice pleasure and sensuality.

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“Intellectual, spiritual and engaging, this is a must-read book that really relates to many people around the world today. Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither at all, this read will give some amazing insight into the struggles of the Black Community and how these concepts have played into the community as a whole.”

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“Black Divinity: Institutes of the Black Theocracy Shahidi Collection Vol 1 delves into how black people as a whole have been excised from the history and tenets of Christianity and how the Eurocentric perspective on Christ and his teachings have been utilized for imperialism and subjugation in the past and cultural oppression in the present.”

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