The Psychological Journey

Shahidi Islam - Theologian, Life Coach, and Author

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An exorcism is a purging of repressive energies (structures and authorities) from our personal or collective unconscious.

These repressive forces use coercion and repression to keep certain structures and authorities in elevated positions, whether internally or externally.

When one exorcises these structures and authorities then they become their natural selves (whether they be personal or collective).

If a person or collective does not exorcise the authority from themselves then they will repeat the same symptoms and continue the same history, perhaps indefinitely.

When we become natural we become free to express ourselves in our most sexual expression.

What makes us a part of nature, what makes us natural, is sexuality. Sex and sexuality are the most natural things about life and in life.

All living things love, all animals have sex as an expression of love. Love to humans is more personal.

We express our love in many other ways than sex, and it is expected of us to express our love in other ways than simply the sexual.

Still, the highest expression of love among humans is sex, though sex in itself has a level of meaninglessness to it.

The sex drive/sexual energy (also known as libido) is the seventh sense, it is an instinctual force that drives us toward the act of giving and receiving pleasure simultaneously.

It is therefore both selfless and selfish: an act of love for both self and other.

All animals feel this love periodically. They are driven by heat or pheromones or both, which enhance their sexual energy levels till they are unable to control themselves.

Human females may not heat up or give off pheromones, and their ovulation cycle has nothing distinctly sexual about it.

However, the male human has an endless supply of testosterone that his body will continue to produce all his life keeping him in a state of constant libidinal potential.

Whereas the different species of animals have biological and performative sexual cycles, we humans could potentially have sex non-stop for decades.

It is in our biology as well as our psychology: so why is it not our actual performative? Three main reason.

First, the human child goes through three differentiations that animals do not experience:

The differentiation of self from the real world, the differentiation of self from the ideal (fantasy) world, and the differentiation of self from the ideal self.

Second, after the child has learned to differentiate itself from the fantasy world it then learns to sublimate its desires thereby developing a collective consciousness with their society.

Third, with the onset of trauma, either personally or collectively, or with the incorporation of an unhelpful authority, whether personally or collectively, they learn to repress their sexuality.

At the first stage, when the person is still an infant the first differentiation comes with consistent disappointments in their infancy.

As the baby learns to appreciate that it is not in control of its environment and its circumstances it develops the first level of self-identity, that of personal unity.

The second differentiation comes as the infant or baby learns the difference between fantasy and reality.

This differentiation is a little more complex as during the process of the first differentiation the infant’s frustrations and disappointments were satisfied in the fantasy world.

Through fantasy and dream the infant was able to internalise the unmet or unsatisfied desires, even if only apocryphally.

Though in most normal cases the differentiation of fantasy and reality is not fully achieved even into childhood and adolescence, if the differentiation is not fully accomplished then the end result is likely to be a form of psychosis (for example schizophrenia).

The third differentiation is self from the ideal self. This one is the most important for self-fulfilment and the avoidance of cases like depression or bipolar disease.

It usually comes after the child has learned to sublimate their sexual energy as long as they have not suffered a trauma or experienced an unhelpful authority in their life up to this point.

As the ideal self is usually an idealised version of the authorities in a child or adolescent’s life, what they do is incorporate a new self into their self.

If the authority does not allow them to develop effective self-boundaries they will not know where self ends and ideal self begins.

What happens is, when the real world has been distinguished from the fantasy world the self incorporates all the good qualities of the ideal world (i.e. the authorities) into a future of what the self can do.

The further the real is from the ideal the more likely psychosis will come about.

In order to free the mind from the repression that comes about from psychosis or neurosis exorcism will be very helpful.

Through sexual liberation you can exorcise the traumas, structures, and authorities from a person, but you must be careful not to create new ones.

I must also say as a disclaimer: I am not a medical professional therefore my advice can be taken or left at will.