The Black Woman’s Right

Shahidi Islam - Theologian and Author

Peace to the Gods and Goddesses of the foundation;

Much love goes to New York City;

And mad respect to London;

As can be discerned from my books and blogs I am very outspoken in my defence of Black women’s right to Goddesshood.

Obviously, most of the Gods I have encountered do not agree, I basically have received the most opposition for my writings on this subject from godbody males.

They assure each other that the Black woman cannot be a Goddess because Allah is male and there is no god besides him.

However, their refusal to appreciate the Black woman’s divinity does more to make our Nation look bad than to strengthen it.

The Elijah said, “Until we learn to love and protect our woman, we will never be a fit and recognized people on the earth” (Muhammad 1965: 58).

There are some who say that Earth is the recognised means of glorifying the Black woman and that we display our love for her by calling her Earth.

True, but it is also true that you display more love by calling her a Goddess. At which point the answer could be given, what is the point of fighting over semantics, they mean the same thing so just leave her with the name she has been given within the movement.

That may also be true but as the Elijah said again, “[E]ven the name alone is sufficient to free you” (Muhammad 1965: 48). By actually calling her by the name Goddess we show how much we appreciate her as a person and as a divine person.

Consequently, as the Elijah is showing, this is important. “This is one of the reasons Almighty Allah has come among us, that is, to give us His Names, the Most Holy and Righteous Names of the Planet Earth” (Muhammad 1965: 55).

And again, one of the names of Allah is Pa Neter (the God) and as the first great truth of the Neter religion states: “Pa Neter wa wa Neb-er-Tcher m Neteru” – The God, only one Lord of all, manifests as gods and goddesses. Thus Allah manifests as Gods and Goddesses.

Obviously, the studious godbody would object at this point, Neter has been mistranslated as God and Neteru has been mistranslated as gods and goddesses.

They would say, their real translation should be principle or force. To which I would say, true indeed, the Neteru are supposed to be the forces of nature or natural forces (which in my personal interpretation are all variations of electromagnetism).

However, these natural forces can be embodied and have been embodied by all, if not most of the entities of nature.

It is true Black people are also able to embody these natural forces, but only when we stop following the savagery of devilishment and in our ways and actions become righteous.

Therefore, the Neteru were embodied by anthropomorphic (human formed) pictures.

To say that Hethor, who symbolised the goddess principle, could not be embodied is to deny the whole ancient Egyptian system, in which the Neteru were personified beings as well as psychological states and natural forces.

Perhaps a better example of an ancient name of God is the Hebrew word Elohim. The original Hebrews were arguably Asiatic Black people therefore when they spoke of Elohim they spoke of a Black concept.

Yet Elohim is plural, and as it says in the Bible, “So God [Elohim] created man [Adam] in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Genesis 1: 27). If Elohim is male and female, what is the female version of God? It is Goddess.

Again, I say all this not for the Black man to suddenly start idolising the Black woman, worshipping the very ground she walks on, I simply seek for the Gods to change their perspective.

When we start to genuinely see the quirks, mannerisms, subtleties, and ways of the Black woman not as internally attention seeking but as unconsciously sexy; and genuinely acknowledge the Black woman herself as the most beautiful being in all creation, then she can become to us a living Goddess in our own lives.

If a God sees the Black woman as only a burden that is only because he chooses to see her as a burden and not to look beyond her faults and see the Goddess she truly is.

Again, I am not saying he should worship her, which is a deception many Black men fall into – from worshipping her for her beauty and sex appeal to hating her for her stubbornness, viciousness, and attitude – but that as he honours her as a Goddess she will become more and more a manifestation of godhood.

By speaking divinity into her life our word becomes bond to the universe which will set about to create and fulfil the word of God.

The same was true of us. We were all lost at one time, Gods potentially but savage in our ways and actions, it took Allah coming to us where we were and speaking divinity into us for us to see the God in ourselves and awaken the God in ourselves.

But Allah was not the only one to speak into a lot of our lives the Black woman has also been there in the midst of most of many of our own struggles.

I personally feel obligated to fight for the elevation of her status within the godbody to that of Goddess as to not do so would be a coward’s move on my part.

As much as the Black woman has done for me in the form of my girlfriends, my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my niece, and my female associates that were just friends: whether Earth, Christian, Muslim, pan-African, Black conscious, or just street, the Black woman has played a major role in my life and development and deserves to be respected.

At the same time, I am not saying that we should be like the conscious crowd and start calling the Black woman God, or like those weirdos who call God the Father/Mother.

(Calling both the Black woman and the Black man God is like calling the Black woman and the black man: men, though acceptable by some standards it negates her female existence, her female identity, hence why I say Goddess is most appropriate.)

What I am saying is we should acknowledge that the Black woman has as much divine potential as the Black man and therefore has a right to be called Goddess.

There is something drastically wrong when White men are willing to call their women goddesses in movies and on television, yet Black men, who have called their women goddesses from ancient times, suddenly refuse to do so due to dogmatics.

For this cause I am appealing to my godbody brothers to again acknowledge the Black woman not simply as an Earth but as the very Goddess she has always been.

Our Nation is currently called by the name of the Gods and the Earths, and I love our Nation excessively, but by our not practicing equality on this level we are depriving our Nation of enlightened recognition.

“All nations of the earth are recognized by the name by which they are called. By stating one’s name, one is able to associate an entire order of a particular civilization simply by name alone” (Muhammad 1965: 54).

As much love as I have for our Nation and Allah’s memory we do both a disservice by dogmatically making it anathema to use the word Goddess to address our women.

It seems the only reasons most Gods can give as to why the Black woman should not be called by the name Goddess is fruitless dogmatics.

Still, one of the biggest bonuses that will come to the Gods who begin to consider the Black woman as a Goddess is that they will have effectively transfigured the Black woman. Transfiguration is the Tantric practice of seeing your sexual partner as divine.

Moreover, by transfiguring her we psychologically condition ourselves to pleasure her more in the sexual encounter, which in turn gives us a better reason than thinking of cats or death or something ugly to prolong the sexual experience.

As a result, we male godbodies can have multiple orgasms with these women we have transfigured.

Effectively, we prolong the sexual experience because of how amazing we think she is and how beautiful and divine we appreciate her to be.

Indeed, it can even be possible, with a couple years of practice, for a God to have literally hundreds of orgasms with women he has transfigured into Goddesses.

All that is necessary for the God to do is practice the art of having sex in a conscious state; and practice the art of prolonging, for her sake, the sexual act.

Furthermore, if the God and the Earth practice both this sexual consciousness and this holding back of sexual discharge for a few hours they can both store enough sexual energy to gain certain empathic abilities, or what the Tantrics call siddhis.

These abilities in turn will provide us with all the more reason to transfigure them and them with all the more reason to transfigure us.

Conversely, one of the best ways for Black women to inspire the Gods to transfigure them is through the sacred practice of light exhibitionism, even as one of the best ways for we Gods to inspire Black women to transfigure us is through the sacred practice of seductionism.

Nevertheless, both God and Earth should try to do both these practices permanently; and by transfiguring them into Goddesses we also effectively destroy the White trick knowledge that has corrupted Black womanhood since the fall of Black Power.