Why They’re Goddesses

Shahidi Islam - Theologian and Author

Peace to the Gods and Goddesses of the foundation;

Much love goes to New York City;

And mad respect to London;

Having explained in Mother of Exhibitionism how the Black woman can become a manifestation of divinity it is my view that we should no longer hold back from calling them such.

To simply define the Black woman as Earth or as Moon instead of as Goddess censors God and isolates the Black woman. The truth is, the Black woman is not only a Queen among women but a Goddess.

Her mahogany complexion is no different from ours; her melinated skin is the same as ours; her strong will is just like ours; her righteous nature is no lesser than ours; all this makes her just as much God as us Black men.

Again, as the wisdom cipher degree of the Supreme Alphabets is Truth if we reject the truth of the Black woman’s divinity then we might as well also reject the truth of the Black man’s divinity and of the Black child’s divinity.

The truth is, the Black woman who studies 120 and masters 120, who becomes righteous as a result of 120 and devotes herself to her God should be considered in no ways inferior to the Black man who sells drugs on the corner to survive, studies 120, goes back to the corner, and still gets to be called God; or the Black man on the corner who has never even studied 120 but grew up in an area run by the Five Percent, and so is still called God while himself practising unrighteousness.

Still, in spite of this consideration concerning the value of truth I do not deny that a truth is itself still very personal and subjective. The truth of the Black woman’s divinity can either be a personal truth or personally rejected, the same is true of the so-called truth of her non-divinity.

The fact, however, is that she proves her divinity by her loyalty to us, by her compassion toward us, and by her rising to defend us against our opponents from other races. Here we godbodies have allowed an overt inequality to flourish while claiming to be representatives of freedom, justice, and equality. This is not godly, this is arrogance.

To say the Black woman is emotional is to fall back on the White man’s stereotypes. Indeed, are not all Black people emotional, or considered emotional by Western standards.

The truth of our emotions as Black people is something even the Gods should be able to identify, yet it is used as an excuse for holding down the Black woman to the position of Moon (so we can say Sun, Moon, and Stars), or Earth (so we can say Nation of Gods and Earths).

True indeed, Allah himself said, “Ain’t no Goddesses in my Nation.” Yet the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said concerning the Black woman, “She is your first nurse. She is your teacher. Your first lesson comes from your mother” (Muhammad 1965: 59).

If the first nurse and the first teacher of God is the Black woman then what does that make her? Can a normal woman create a God or a demigod?

Only a Goddess can create a God. This is mathematics. A whole plus a fraction will not give you another whole, it can only give you a mixed fraction but not a whole. Even so, a God plus a Queen will give you a demigod but not a God.

Or, on a more Scriptural level, when it says in the Scriptures: “He asks: When is the day of Resurrection?” and the answer given is, “when the sight is confused, And the moon becomes dark, And the sun and the moon are brought together” (Quran 75: 6-9); obviously, on the one hand, this could just be predicting an eclipse or some natural phenomena in the sky.

But then again, sometimes Scriptures are best interpreted by other Scriptures. In the Song of Songs it says, “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banner?” (Song of Songs 6: 10.)

Apocalyptic signs can be interpreted in concrete manifestations. In this case, the Queen of Sheba represents both sun and moon; yet in the case of the Quranic Scripture a godbody interpretation of the moon would be as the Black woman.

So when is the resurrection? When the Sun and Moon are brought together – not only in body but in name too – then comes a sensual resurrection to coincide with the mental resurrection brought on by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Still, as the Gods love to use symbolism to justify complex theories: the moon does not produce its own light but reflects the light of the sun, yet the moon is still bringing light to the darkness and so is therefore divine in its own right.

It is not a light bulb that produces its own light but electricity. A light bulb on its own is merely glass with metal inside. But when it receives an electric charge no one can deny that it is the light bulb bringing light to the darkness.

Even so with the Black woman, her light may not be self-produced, but it is still produced and is therefore real thereby making her divine.

Furthermore, by only giving our female members the title of Earth we godbodies have actually failed to appreciate the depth of the lessons contained in 120.

The Elijah Muhammad said “our true God is not like the ‘Spook God’ of Christianity who demands death for our salvation and redemption. He is offering us Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness on this earth while we live. First, you must be given the names of your forefathers, whose names are the most Holy and Righteous Names of Allah” (Muhammad 1965: 54).

And if we look at our ancestors, they were called Neteru (which being translated is gods and goddesses). Indeed, as the Elijah continued, “All nations of the earth are recognized by the name by which they are called” (Muhammad 1965: 54).

By not acknowledging the Black woman’s name as Goddess, as well as her essence, we forfeit the effectiveness of our Nation and the nationhood of our movement.

But I will now say to my Black sisters, I recognise that a lot of us brothers have mistreated you and judged you, calling you all types of insults and labels of shame.

I know many of us spend so much time looking at your clothes and your bodies, or fearing over your attitude that we fail to see your beauty and love, or your broken heart at us chasing after women of other races.

You must understand how strong and intimidating you can be to a lot of men – you are indeed the strongest of all women. But also understand that there are many among us brothers who still see you as the sexiest of all women and most beautiful of all women.

For this cause your potential is limitless; and if your potential is limitless then you are omnipotent, just like God is: basically, you are Goddesses.

Wherefore I am asking you as one whose potential is equally as limitless not to take this appeal of mine as a reason to be cold towards the Gods. Rather, prove yourselves Goddesses by practicing that light exhibitionism and third eye vision I spoke of in previous blogs.

Moreover, try not to look at any of the opposition you experience from the Gods for this as a sign of failure, instead see them as a sign of success. Most people are so sexually repressed that they will do whatever it takes to keep from experiencing sexual exposition.

In fact, you should desire opposition. The greater the opposition the more maddening the effect when they surrender.

This is a concept that I call seductionism: anyone who receives pleasure from driving others mad with sexual lust is a seductionist.

Therefore, whether they oppose or yield a seductionist will never stop seducing, remembering that the bold mouse always gets the cheese.

What this means in practice is that the Earth should practice Black erotica with the Gods and practice light exhibitionism with the Gods, and as they see her devotion and her beautiful Black body they will not be able to hold back from calling her a Goddess.

Finally, it is my hope that this sexual revolution I am instigating with Black erotica may broaden into a sensual resurrection.

The Gods and Earths will be the centre of this movement but it will spill over into the Black community as a whole, especially if both our men and women practice light exhibitionism and third eye vision.

The right of the Earth to be called a Goddess and of the God to be called a Universe (to coincide with the Earth) is something that must be appreciated by the Gods before we can say we are perfect representatives of 120.

Effectively, if a Black woman masters 120 she should be called Goddess even as a Black man who masters 120 is called God.

While some Gods may look at some of these arguments raised in this blog as a corruption of 120, it is my hope that the majority will see it as a refining of 120, and as culture and refinement are so similar to each other; by at least respecting what I am trying to do we can progress towards a more substantial manifestation in the Black community.


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