Living in the Last

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Peace to the Gods and Goddesses of the foundation;

Much love goes to New York City;

And mad respect to London;

The evidence presented so far from The Burning Question has been that of the Black God, the Black Messiah, and the Black Hebrews, and that White God, the White Messiah, and the White Hebrews have either been usurpers or deceived.

All this has been to bring us into the territory of a showdown between the false Messiah and the Black Messiah.

The Revelator speaks of two events in the last days while the Messiah speaks of one. He sums up this event as such: “then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened” (Matthew 24: 21, 22).

(Just for the record the elect are not taken out of the world during the tribulation by some Rapture, but they endure it.)

This tribulation period starts with two events: “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

“When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

“Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains” (Matthew 24: 14-16).

This warning is twofold: firstly, it says the message of the theocracy will be spread to all nations; secondly, that the abomination of desolations will signal a time of trouble.

But on closer examination these two ideas may have a lot more in common with the Revelations than is noticeable at first glance.

Fleeing to the mountains to a Judean or Maccabean warrior, meant to prepare for or to fight battles in defence of Hebrew sovereignty.

With the Maccabees in particular, fleeing to the mountains came as a result of the abomination of the pig sacrifices being forced upon the Hebrew people; who are forbidden to eat swine flesh.

The Messiah was basically saying there will come a time when we must fight to preserve our way of life and culture.

These two circumstances coincide with the Revelator’s two episodes: “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

“For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

“Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

“And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon” (Revelations 16: 13-16).

The Revelator also speaks of people from every nation and language standing before the throne of God in white robes, and of being asked by an angel who they were, so “I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb” (Revelations 7: 14).

So the question is, what is the difference between the great tribulation and the Armageddon War?

The Messiah explains, “Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Mark 13: 12, 13).

Obviously, no one will hate someone for serving Jesus – whether by Atheist, Muslim, or even the White Jews. The difference is serving a Black Jesus.

By saying that the Messiah and the Jews are Black and applying the Messiah’s philosophy in an authentically Black way one is automatically labelled militant, bigot, and anti-Semitic.

Still, the idea of the false Messiah being the spirit of a White Jesus and not some deluded supervillain may be somewhat new, especially as the Messiah himself said, “many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Matthew 24: 5).

But as the Revelator said concerning the false prophet, “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed” (Revelation 13: 15).

As no true godbody or practicing Muslim would bow down to a White Jesus they will be betrayed and persecuted for not doing so.

But as Daniel said concerning the anti-Christ, “such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

“And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

“Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

“And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed” (Daniel 11: 32-35).

Basically, what can be gathered is that the tribulation comes when the philosophy of the Black Messiah has reached to the Black community of the world, and shall be a response to said philosophy from the non-Blacks.

The Armageddon War begins when the world, that has been persecuting the militants and godbodies, commits an offence that is too much for us.

During the tribulation many will fall, as the deception shall be so great, but God will help them with a little help until they are strong enough to flee to the mountains and prepare for war.

I can’t say for sure what the abomination will be, but I can say that the desolate will be those nations that commit the offence.


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