Psychological Foundations

Shahidi Islam - Theologian and Author

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It can very easily be said that the social situation creates the moral and psychological. That what occurs in the mental and ethical facilities of a person are the result of the socio-cultural mechanisms in place in the society in question.

Freud’s id, ego, and superego come into play here with the fact of the socio-cultural represented in the superego and the far more amoral biological drives being represented in the id.

These three vicissitudes of the self plainly show the extent of the nature v nurture argument in Freud’s theories.

On the one hand, biology effects the unconscious, and, on the other hand, socialisation effects the unconscious; both in turn effect the consciousness of the individual.

If socialisation came just from the family this would be no problem but socialisation also comes from schools, textbooks, society, the media, the state, and the religion.

A child and an adult are affected by these realities unconsciously and consciously. But this is not only so, groupings are also collectively affected by these realities unconsciously and consciously.

Here is the complicated part: schools, textbooks, society, the media, the race, the nationality, the government, the culture, the religion, and the class all have a collective conscious and unconscious that is influenced and affected by the other groupings.

Here the significance of the institution gets internalised through interaction with other institutions.

When the interaction is negative negative belief systems will get internalised either towards that institution if that institution is of equal or lesser significance, or towards its own institution if they are in fact the ones of lesser significance.

This debacle cannot be eradicated while the id and the superego are in conflict.

The submitting of the id to the superego coincides with the submitting of the biological to the sociological.

Such a structure can never last as it is the essence of the unnatural. Such is the modernisation of society, an unreal, unnatural, unhealthy caricature.

The subjugation in the unconscious of one institution to another coincides with the subjugation in the individual of the id to the superego.

Mental disorder must be substituted by social disorder for empowerment to be achieved. This means looking at the situation in all its vicissitudes: First is racial self-consciousness, a mechanism of the existing order of things.

The White social order leads to the Black mental disorder as the Black person’s social inferiority gets internalised and they subjugate their Black instinctual mechanisms to White cultural institutions.

The institutional racism Black people suffer from is not as external as they have assumed it to be, in fact, it is a result of psychological complexes that have been instilled into the Black person through socialisation and transformed into eternal constructs segregating and subjugating their psychological development.

The Black person, to avoid mental disorder at this phase either denies their Blackness as primitive, instinctual, bestial, and thus resists against their Black nature (the hallucination of being White) or they accept their Blackness and their humanity but admit to Black cultural, social, and economic backwardness (the delusion of White superiority).

As can be noted by the terminology both are just as psychologically inept as the mental disorders of those who go the other route (delusions of persecution, delusions of personal grandeur, or hallucinations of internalised complexes).

For we Black people as a race to overcome these mental disorders induced on us from the sociological framework of the current system we must group together and uplift Black personality.

This done we can move forward as a race toward the promised land of psychological divinity.


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    1. I think the main issues you have are based on the spelling out here in the UK. We spell certain English words different out here. But I recognize how that can be bothersome.

    1. Thank you. I try to make these subjects as digestible as possible. It helps to know that I have been doing well on that front.

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