Reviews of Black Divinity

“In this book, the author takes a deep dive into the historical movements that fought for equality and the modern-day struggles of the community and how the struggles connects to religious scripture and spirituality.”

Pacific Book Review


Black Divinity: Institutes of the Black Theocracy Shahidi Collection Vol 1 delves into how black people as a whole have been excised from the history and tenets of Christianity and how the Eurocentric perspective on Christ and his teachings have been utilized for imperialism and subjugation in the past and cultural oppression in the present.”

Readers’ Favorite Review

Become Your Own Deity

Author Shahidi Islam is founder and CEO of Divine Black People Ltd.

We at Divine Black People Ltd have a mission to provide black people with a regular reminder of their divinity and potential in spirituality, sensuality, and refinement.

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Divine Black People Ltd is also a powerful and easy way for black people to achieve the enlightenment of the Godbody movement.

Vision Statement

For the black professional looking to unleash their divine potential our company is an expert company at unlocking black divinity, and can help provide them with a new understanding of their black spirituality, allowing them to reach their full potential in a world that tries to dehumanize their blackness; this is because we have always believed in black people and in their potential.