Become Your Own Deity

Author Shahidi Islam, whose birth name was Tony Saunders, is a Black Divine.

The name Shahidi means one who follows the witness that is to come, and Islam means I Self Lord and Master.

We Black Divine are sexy, strong, deviant intellectuals, who have knowledge of self and love of self.

As one grows within the lessons of the Black Divines they will excel in both.

The Black Divines seek to promote black enlightenment, black empowerment and black enrapturement.

It is also a powerful and easy way for black people to achieve the enlightenment of the Godbody movement.

Endtime Road Map

Vision Statement

As a Black Theocracy we seek to educate the black masses as to the truth about their destiny and potential, as well as provide deep insights into how they can achieve divinity. We also seek to have members in all walks of life, who will explain – ever so gently – how one can open the door to their advancement toward self-knowledge and self-government. The ultimate aim of this movement is therefore to elevate the people to the next level, the level of Godhood.