Shahidi Islam with Dr. Llaila Afrika

Why We Are Here

Are you a Black professional who has lost confidence in the value of your Blackness, and are you no longer able to see your people as a sexy, strong, and intelligent people, capable of reaching the heights of wisdom with ease and power?

Are you a Black professional who has given up on ever seeing the day when Black people will be in an honourable position as all we seem to have is dishonour, demoralization, and victimization in a world that not only takes us for granted, but devalues our lives and our personhood?

There are a lot of Black people that are currently disempowered, which has led to psychological pain. what we do is provide Black people with a deeper knowledge of self so that they can have True Black Power

Reviews of Black Divinity


Intellectual, spiritual and engaging, this is a must-read book that really relates to many people around the world today. Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither at all, this read will give some amazing insight into the struggles of the Black Community and how these concepts have played into the community as a whole.

Pacific Book Review

Black Divinity: Institutes of the Black Theocracy Shahidi Collection Vol 1 delves into how black people as a whole have been excised from the history and tenets of Christianity and how the Eurocentric perspective on Christ and his teachings have been utilized for imperialism and subjugation in the past and cultural oppression in the present.

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Our Statement Of Purpose

Our Purpose is to Empower Women and Black People

Our Goal

Our Goal is to Have Black People See Themselves as Worthy by 2040, as All Black People are a Worthy People

Our Core Values

We maintain absolute faith that we can achieve the impossible, while, at the same time, confronting the most brutal facts of our reality

We only aim for and accomplish Big Hairy Audacious Goals

We always break our goals down into small, simple steps

We are committed to non-conformity with the status quo

We may be frank but we will never be jerks