Reviews of Black Divinity

“Intellectual, spiritual and engaging, this is a must-read book that really relates to many people around the world today. Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither at all, this read will give some amazing insight into the struggles of the Black Community and how these concepts have played into the community as a whole.”

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“Black Divinity: Institutes of the Black Theocracy Shahidi Collection Vol 1 delves into how black people as a whole have been excised from the history and tenets of Christianity and how the Eurocentric perspective on Christ and his teachings have been utilized for imperialism and subjugation in the past and cultural oppression in the present.”

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Why We Are Here

Are you a black person who has lost confidence in the value of their blackness and are you no longer able to see yourself as a sexy, strong, or intelligent human being, capable of reaching the heights of spirituality with ease and power?

Are you a black person who is tired of feeling weak or disempowered and who wants to know how to see their people as capable of achieving a destiny that will be truly glorious in this life and not only in the afterlife when it’s too late for us to know what really happens?

Are you a black person who has given up on seeing the day when black people will be in an honourable position as all we seem to have is dishonour, victimization, and disempowerment in a world that not only takes us for granted, but devalues our lives and our personhood?

So many black people are spiritually ignorant, which leads to psychological pain. At Divine Black People Ltd we provide black people with a regular reminder of their divinity and potential in spirituality, sensuality, and refinement, so they can feel more confident in their blackness and in their destiny.

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Vision Statement

For the black professional looking to unleash their divine potential our company is an expert company at unlocking black divinity, and can help provide them with a new understanding of their black spirituality, allowing them to reach their full potential in a world that tries to dehumanize their blackness; this is because we have always believed in black people and in their potential.

Who We Are

At Divine Black People Ltd we know black people want to be spiritual.

Yet in order to be more spiritual we need to develop the right philosophy and the right practices.

The problem is we have been mistaught for so many hundreds of years about who we are and what our potential is.

This has caused us to feel spiritually and psychologically oppressed and inhibited.

At Divine Black People Ltd we believe that black people have a destiny towards divinity.

We understand that many black people have lost faith in their spiritual potential due to the systemic and institutional barriers to our growth.

This is why we have books and training programmes available to enlighten us for our destiny.

You can purchase our flagship book by clicking the Buy Now button above, to stop feeling spiritually oppressed and start walking in your own divinity.